We Manufacture Every Cylinder to Meet or Exceed Original Expect

    1. Large Welded Cylinder
    2. Large Welded Cylinder CATSU has over two decades years of experience in welded large hydraulic cylinders, specializing in the manufacturing and processing of large, long and high corrosion-resistant welded hydraulic cylinders. Read More
    1. Tie Rod Cylinder
    2. Tie Rod Cylinder The cross tie-rod hydraulic cylinder is one of the most common hydraulic cylinders, usually utilized in engineering equipment. Read More
    1. Heavy Load Cylinder
    2. Heavy Load Cylinder The piston hydraulic cylinder can only be a single-acting hydraulic cylinder, only realizing the movement in one direction by the hydraulic pressure. Read More
    1. Stage Telescopic Cylinder
    2. Stage Telescopic Cylinder The telescopic hydraulic cylinder, also known as the multi-step telescopic cylinder, is a hydraulic cylinder with a multi-step sleeve-shaped piston rod with a long working stroke. Read More
    1. Long Stroke Cylinder
    2. Long Stroke Cylinder The long stroke hydraulic cylinder requires strict finishing and CASTU utilizes thermal spraying to finish our industrial hydraulic cylinders. Read More

CATSU Hydraulic Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. we specialize in custom made telescopic, double acting, and single acting hydraulic cylinders. Our cylinders offer years of dependable service with minimal maintenance requirements.
There are many benefits to using a custom hydraulic cylinder. They’re the ideal choice for unique machinery and equipment that need unique sizes, or to replace old cylinders whose OEM is no longer in business. All of our cylinders are welded type to ensure durability and a perfect, reliable seal. We also manufacture all parts of the cylinder and paint our custom cylinders in house at our Tennessee manufacturing facility.

Our Industrial Heavy Duty Cylinders Meet the High Precision and Quality Demands of the Following Industries